It’s over 9000! Sailor moon and Dragon Ball Z mash up!…what should we call it?


It’s over 9000! Sailor moon and Dragon Ball Z mash up!…what should we call it?

My first fawn make up.Yay tis just a tester.

One of my first Polymer Clay videos to get back in the groove of things. I have been making a bunch of them and  other videos but still nervous about posting them up. So this is more of a tester .

Having a momentt. I have always wanted my own tape set from when I was little. and now i finaly have my own. <3 Oh star wars my love… and this is why you keep a working vcr. <3 <3 alwaysstarwars




Hi guys! It’s time for the giveaway! I have reach 600 plus followers! And As a thank you I’m giving away some treats!

1 Angelic Pretty Cake Purse!

2 bottles of Ramune (winner picks the flavors)

1 box of Hello Panda (winner picks the flavor)

1 bag of assorted Hersey’s chocolate!

Now Questions you may have!

Simone, why are you giving away a BRAND purse?!

A: Welp. I couldn’t sell it (Its been 2 years!) I’m giving it away!

Simone! Why all the candy add ons?

A: Wha? You don’t like candy or something? Get into the Halloween spirit!

Simone, um do I need to be following you for this awesome stuff?

A. You sure as sugar do! Only my followers get to participate! Its a ‘thank you’ for following me! And why wouldn’t you want to?!

You’ll get:

Hilarious text post!

Cute pictures!

Hilarious tags on pictures (sometimes)

Pictures of my cat!

I live (quote) blog Doctor Who episodes!

Fly ass lolitas on your dash!

My wit and charm!

I’m from the States-

A. Bitch, me too! You can enter!

I’m from overseas-

A. You can enter!

Ok, So I’m a giveaway blog a-

A. No.

Well, shit, how do I win this!?

A. Reblog! Reblog you fool! No don’t just like it! Reblog like the wind! (As many times as you want cutie)

Girl. How you picking a winner?

A. I’m using a highly respected resource. (

IF. I win….how will I know?

A. I will message you thrice times. THRICE. Have your ask open! If you don’t get back to me, I will and can choose another winner homie!


A. Never.

(Er actually October 1st -November 4th!)


Serious time:

1. If you are under 18 , ask your parents if its cool to give your shipping address to me. Its cool if its a PO Box too!

2. I am not responsible for lost or damage goods during shipment. I will attach tracking, bubble wrap the hell out of it,but when it leaves me, its out of my hands!


Tis that time of the year…for a snowcone to get  selfie <3 Yum

Beeen bussyy,making stuff to sell and sort out to send out…My gosh..i forgot how..this ultra fine glitter…its like…baby soft…gets everywhere @.@…I really need to get into making pen pals buddies..way over due ;~; Stilllll fussy about the wig <3



I will never not reblog

Great words. 

God love us all, there’s no different who we are.

I just love her expression in the last pic. Tho kinda reminds me of Emperor Palpatine .

Why is my tumblr making the whole timewarp wibbly wobbly @.@ come on work for me!